Elitehash Bitcore PPS Pools

Payout rate 102.4%

1 hour0.465 BTX241 MH/sWorkers: 10.0019 BTX per MH/s
3 hour1.49 BTX243 MH/sWorkers: 10.0061 BTX per MH/s
6 hour2.92 BTX242 MH/sWorkers: 10.0121 BTX per MH/s
12 hour5.52 BTX239 MH/sWorkers: 10.0231 BTX per MH/s
24 hour10.6 BTX239 MH/sWorkers: 10.0441 BTX per MH/s
Paris: 243 MH/s
Pending payouts: 0.0458 BTX
Finished payouts: 566 BTX
Virginia: 0H/s
Pending payouts: 0.0000 BTX
Finished payouts: 372 BTX
Rewards based on shares, blocks don't matter here
Payouts sent in 1h intervals for balances above 0.2 BTX
Balances over 0.01 BTX are paid after 7h of idling
Custom payout thresholds can be set when requested!

Commandline: -a bitcore -u address.worker -o stratum+tcp://paris.elitehash.net:4 -o stratum+tcp://virginia.elitehash.net:4